Australia Day Jelly Mousse Dessert

For Australia Day this year my little Australian and I made Green and yellow Jelly Mousse. We thought of regular jelly cups but thought we’d try it a little differently.  It was super easy to make and was ready to eat in a few hours. The end result was a yummy fluffy mousse concoction that I am not ashamed to say was gone in less than  a minute.

Green and gold jelly mouse dessertfor Australia Day

Australia Day Jelly Mousse Dessert

I hadn’t made it in a good long while and it took me forever to remember how the dessert was made. I had a Canadian friend that was crazy for Halloween who first showed me how to make it but that was years ago so I had to rely on my super hopeless memory to figure it out. All I remembered was that I needed vanilla  ice cream and jelly, just not how much of each. Although really, how can you go wrong. Jelly and ice cream is a winning combo no matter how it’s mixed.

So what do you do when you want to know how something is made – I consulted my good friend Google. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember what my friend called the jelly desert, I thought it was something like fromage something or rather, but i had no real luck finding anything like a icecream, jelly dessert. I checked out all the recipes on the Aeroplane Jelly website but there was no recipe that came close. In the end I discovered it could be called jello mousse or jelly whip and could be made in a number of different ways but this is how we made it.

What you need for four 300ml dessert glasses

  • 1 packet 85g Aeroplane lime  jelly crystals
  • 1 packet of 85g Aeroplane pineapple jelly crystals
  • 500 mls of boiling water
  • 3 cups of vanilla ice cream
  • Two bowls and a whisk


  • In one bowl mix 1 packet of lime jelly crystals with 250 mls of boiling water until completely dissolved.
  • In another bowl do the same with the packet of pineapple jelly crystals.
  • Pop both bowls into the fridge until the jelly has cooled and is starting to set but is still wobbly – about an hour or so.
  • Take out the lime jelly and stir in approx 1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream with a whisk (i just spooned in the ice cream until I thought is was about right) Mix it up nice and good for about a minute or two, it will look kind of foamy.
  • Divide and pour the mixture evenly between the four dessert glasses and pop them back into the fridge to set. This will take a half hour or so.  You may want to take the pineapple jelly out of the fridge so it doesn’t set completely.
  • Once the green jelly mouse has firmed up you can mix the remaining ice cream with the pineapple jelly. Pour it over the back of a spoon into the dessert cups and place them back into the fridge for an hour to set completely.

Notes and tips: You might find that sometimes the individual flavours may set with a jelly at the bottom and the mousse to the top. No drama, it will just add another dimension to your dessert. Like I said earlier you can’t really go wrong with jelly and ice cream.

So there you have it. A totally delicious Australia Day jelly dessert. We were very happy with the result.


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