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Ice Cream birthday party dessert table

Ice Cream Birthday Party theme

Finally posting the ice cream party we threw for our daughters 11th birthday a few years ago. She decided on an Ice cream birthday party theme! It was either going to be Ice cream or a Survivor theme party but the Survivor idea got nixed  (likely because that is one of my favourite t.v. programs and not my daughters [sigh] A survivor party would've been sooo cool, just saying) Here's a bunch of pics we took on the day. We set up the … [Read More...]


DIY Super Hero Candy Jars

Superhero partys never go out of style. As long as there are kids in the world there will always be Batman and Superman birthday parties (along with the rest of the crew) We wanted to create a cool party centerpiece so we collected up a bunch of glass vases from dollar stores and thrift shops to make this set of Candy jars. They had to look like Buildings from a comic strip so we threw in some masking tape and spray paint and *BOOM*  Super … [Read More...]

A hand painted Alice in Wonderland Teapot. Tutorial at

DIY Alice in Wonderland Teapot

I painted a teapot! An Alice in Wonderland Teapot. Yep, I am totally hooked on painting stuff so I transformed an unexciting plain white ceramic teapot into this Alice in Wonderland birthday party themed creation. Can I just say how in love with it I am right now. I don't ever want to part with it. It can be used to serve tea at your Alice in wonderland tea party or if you pop some flowers into it like a vase it would make a wicked cool table … [Read More...]

Make your own super hero cake stand

DIY Super Hero Cake Stands

This week I repurposed a couple of glass microwave plates to make Super hero cake stands for a birthday party.  Microwave plates are perfect for cake plates as they are nice and big and flat. They do have a raised lip around the edge but that's no biggie. I went with a Captain America and Spiderman themed cake stand. I'll admit that they seemed like the easiest designs to replicate - Superman seems way too fiddly to me. Luckily for me our … [Read More...]