DIY Super Hero Candy Jars

Superhero partys never go out of style. As long as there are kids in the world there will always be Batman and Superman birthday parties (along with the rest of the crew) We wanted to create a cool party centerpiece so we collected up a bunch of glass vases from [Continue Reading]

DIY chip n dip set for a soccer themed party.

Soccer chip and dip set

For a weekend project we made our own chip and dip set for a Soccer themed party. We wanted our plates to look like black and white soccer balls to match the theme. We found some ceramic markers by PaintedbyMe. You can draw onto your ceramics and bake in the [Continue Reading]

Cute straws embellished with a washi tape flag for a pink birthday party.

DIY Party Straws

I recently made these sweet drinking straw flag toppers that I wanted to share with you. I love, love, love washi tape for its super cuteness as well as its versatility so it was only natural that I use my pretty pink polka dot tape to decorate my party ware. These would have been [Continue Reading]

DIY Easter Party Invitations

DIY Easter Party Invitation

It feels like Christmas is barely over and already Easter is nearly upon us, where does the time go? We’re trading tinsel for bunny garlands and tree decorations for Easter eggs. So here’s an Easter Party Invitation for my most favouritist of all the holidays. Easter at our house is [Continue Reading]

DIY banner for NYE party

DIY New Years Eve Banner

A last minute tutorial to make a silver fringe banner for a 2014 new years eve party. It’s inexpensive to make and you can whip one up in about an hour. It’s perfect for reusing your xmas bling as well. Supplies Tin foil (or left over silver or gold wrapping [Continue Reading]

make a pom-pom garland

DIY Pom-pom Garland Tutorial

Today we wanted to share a fun $3 DIY Party Project to make a pom-pom garland. We picked up a pretty good sized bag of yarn for the bargain price of $2.00 from our local Salvo’s Op Shop earlier in the week while trolling for odd bits and pieces we [Continue Reading]

swimming goggles invitation

DIY Pool Party Invitations Tutorial

I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely starting to feel the heat as summer starts to pick up the pace. Oh the joys of summer downunder. It’s time to hit the pool to get some relief I say. Now if only i had a pool [sigh] If [Continue Reading]