Princess Birthday Party Invitations


Pretty printable Princess Birthday Party Invitations. This design features a cute picture of a princess in her tiara. The wording to the right can be customised to suit your party needs.

You can include a photograph of your sweet princess if you wish to create a unique party invitation that your little girl will love. Any of the colours used in the pink or purple design can be changed at your request.

This invitation is available in pink and purple but we can certainly adjust the colour scheme to match your party needs.


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These beautiful princess birthday party invitations a perfect for you darling little princesses birthday party. It features some creative wording to invite your child’s guests (the fair maidens and brave knights in the making) starting off of course  in true princess story book fashion with “Once upon a time…”

You can include a photograph of your child to make it more unique and to create a memory keepsake. Why not dress your daughter up in her favourite Disney Princess costume and take a quick snap of her. That would make this perfect invitation complete. If you decide use your smart phone to take the photo be sure to take it at the highest resolution settings on your camera.

What you receive with your Princess Birthday Party Invitations

You will receive a customised “print it yourself” digital invitation JPEG file. Emailed to you and ready to print at your local photo lab or on your home printer.

  • Your printable princess themed party invitation will be personalised with your party details and photograph if applicable.
  • Choose to receive your invitation as either a high resolution .JPEG image file – perfect for printing at a photo lab, or as a PDF file that you can print from your printer.
  • We will email your completed high resolution invitation by midnight of 2nd business day (usually much sooner)
  • Emailed to you as a high resolution .JPEG digital file format or as an A4 PDF file with 2 invites per page.
  • You can make as many changes as you wish to the invitation design until you are happy with your design (allow for 24 hrs per change)
  • Invitations are available in two sizes: 10x15cm (4×6″) and 12.5×17.5cm (5×7″)

Once you receive your digital .JPEG invitation via email you will be able to:

  • Email your invitation file direct to friends and family
  • Print as many invitations as you like from your home printer
  • Upload to your photo lab for printing
  • Take your .Jpeg invitation file to your favourite photo lab for printing (recommended)


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