A Healthy Christmas Snack – Candy Cane Fruit

Healthy Christmas snack - fruit candy cane with banana & strawberries

Healthy Christmas Snack Idea

A quick and easy treat to make for your kids this holiday season. I made this healthy Christmas snack for my daughter and I after school yesterday and she loved it. “Looks just like a candy cane all red, white and stripey” she says.

Making it was a simple matter of grabbing a punnet of strawberries and a banana then slicing and arranging each piece of fruit until it resembled a candy cane.

She gobbled her banana, strawberry candy cane right up while mine went straight into the whizzer with some  honey and soy milk to make a delicious smoothie.

This would make a great food platter if you are hosting a Christmas party for the kids or a get together with your adult friends and family. Especially if you have to celebrate the holidays in the heat of summer like we do. You would have to serve it and eat it right away so that the bananas don’t spoil.

I have pinned a few more Christmas fruit ideas on our Christmas in Australia Pinterest board that may help you with you holiday entertaining.


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