Printable Childrens Christmas Cards

We have a free tutorial with a printable to make these childrens Christmas cards. We’ve come to the end of the year but you still have time to squeeze in one last  DIY  project for your children before they finish up school for the year.

At the end every year my daughter faithfully fills out her Christmas cards to  hand out to all the kids in her class. It’s pretty much the same every year. She fills out the cards, attaches something yummy to them then hand them out to her friends. To date we have alternated between candy canes, xmas cookies and chocolate coated marshmallows.

But this year we decided to make….

Printable childrens Christmas cards - lollypop reindeers

 Lollypop reindeer cards

We really liked the idea of a Rudolph reindeer with a bright red lollypop nose, it fits the Christmas season perfectly.  So we hand drew a reindeer graphic with a nice round nose big enough to fit a Chuppa Chup lollypop. We added a speech bubble so that we could write a holiday greeting for each card. They  turned out fantastic.

To share this DIY project we created a free printable for the template for your child to create too.

To make these children’s Christmas cards You will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. A craft knife and cutting mat
  3. Glue stick
  4. Download and print the printable Lollypop reindeer childrens Christmas cards template
  5. Red Chuppa Chups or similar round lolly pop
  6. White Card or paper

supplies to make reindeer lollypop cards


STEP 1:  First of all print off the Reindeer lollypop template onto the white card. There are three reindeer cards per page
STEP 2: Fold the card along the dotted line
STEP 3: Take your scissors and cut around the outline of the reindeer image. You will then have a folded card with the reindeer image at the front.
STEP 4: Place the folded card onto a cutting mat or cutting surface. Carefully cut out the round nose shape in the middle of the card. Be sure that you cut through to the card below.

Printable reindeer cards cut out of template
STEP 5: At this stage you might want to get your child to write the to and from details in the space provided by the specch bubble.
STEP 6: Cut a small hole along the fold of the card at the center. It needs to be big enough for the stick of the lollypop.
STEP 7: Slip the Chuppa Chup through the hole so that the lolly is aligned with the holes cut for the nose.
STEP 8: Glue the front of the card to the back of the card with a glue stick.

Hot Tip

If cutting around the reindeer image is to fiddly for your child then you can draw a rectangle shape around the reindeer graphic. I like to round off the corners of the rectangle shape. This will be much easier to cut out and the card still looks awesome.

Childrens Christmas cards - alternative way to cut it out

Cut out the Reindeer lollypop card in a rectangle



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