Party It Forward

Party It Forward

If you find yourself here then you may have received one of our #PartyItForward party items.

What is Party It Forward?

We like to make cool party stuff. Our Jellyfishprints blog is filling up with tutorials for the DIY party mama and it often leaves me with a surplus of party items. Especially when we decide to make a tiered cake stand tutorial for a high tea birthday party and end up with 15+ cake stands! Argh, overkill.

I thought it would be a great idea to give the items away or #PartyItForward  to another party mama or papa to help them create a fantastic day for their child’s birthday party.

Of course there is a little catch that we hope the recipients would appreciate. Ideally we want our party goodness to be shared far and wide. So if you receive a free #PartyItForward item and your party is over and done with or you have no further use for the item anymore, we encourage you to #PartyItForward and gift that party item onward to help someone else make their party great. You’ll get to put a smile and that persons face save them a dollar or two. Winning!

So there you have the general gist of what we hope to achieve with our #partyitforward items.

Our PartyItFoward party items

Here are some of our party items we have partyied it forward so far.

Alice in Wonderland teapot set

Party it forward cakestand

Super hero cake stands

Can I sell it

Of course you can. But if you got it for free then why not pass it on for nothing to another party parent.
We do encourage all recipients of our #PartyItForward items to gift it forward rather than sell it.

Who wants it?

PartyItForward your item to a friend, a family member, a neighbor. Post it on Gumtree or you can give it away through one of the many Facebook Party Groups operating throughout Australia.

I’m a member of the Party Mums Facebook group with members from all over Australia who love to throw a good birthday party. It’s a good bet you’ll find a mum ready to take it off your hands within the hour.

What If item becomes damaged

I’m sure you will be extra careful and take good care of your party item. After all, chances are, someones blood sweat and tears went into creating the item. Ahem, cough, wink, wink.
But if the item becomes damaged, I say “Oh well” I’m sure it had a good life and was a part of making at least one child smile. Cest la vie.

What should I do when I give it away

You can explain the process to the next recipient or send them to this web page

Show us your pics

If you do receive a PartyItForward item, I would love to see it in action. Send us a party photo so we can see how you utilised it.

Are you on instagram?  Hash tag it #PartyItForward on Instagram and Twitter (Random thought – Do I even have twitter?) or other social media and then drop me a line.

Facebook – tag us at

If you have any questions you can get in touch with me here