Koala Face painting tutorial

Our second DIY face painting tutorial for Australia day is a cute Koala face.

Face paint a Koala this Australia Day.

Koala face painting for Australia Day

Again you will need:

  • Grey face paint
  • Pink face paint
  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Pearl pink and green face paint (optional)
  • Face painting high density sponge
  • Round brush
  • Holo

Step 1

Apply the grey face paint with a sponge to form the base of the koala in the shape within the image provided and don’t forget to paint in the ears.

Step 2

Sponge on the pink paint to fill the inside of the ears

Step 3

While the pink paint within the ears is still wet, apply the glitter to it.

Step 4

Use the round brush and black face paint to outline a large triangular shape for the nose.

Step 5

Fill in the nose with black paint.

Step 6

Now take round brush with black paint to outline the Koala. Go carefully and create some brush strokes to make the outline look more like fur.

Paint a thicker black line on and above the upper lip to make the Koalas mouth.

Step 7

Paint a metallic pink colour on to the lips (optional)  You are done. You can finish here or continue.

Step 8

Paint some flowers around the koalas face. Take a no. 4 round brush to press on some petals to create some flowers to make the whole design a bit more pretty.

Step 9

The finished Koala face paint design.

DIY koala face painting tutorial

Koala Face Painting

Big thank you once again to Jessika from Party Piecez for sharing her artistic face painting skills with us. If you haven’t already seen our first Australia Day face painting design by Jessika the head over and check it out here.



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