DIY Wooden Ice Cream Spoons

Decorate wooden spoons with homemade stamp and ink or paint to match your birthday party.

Sharing our DIY wooden ice cream spoons that we glammed up for the ice cream themed birthday party that we celebrated recently.

We picked up the wooden spoons from a local $2 Shop but felt they were looking a little bland so we crafted a stripey stamp from an unused rubber eraser and stamped the spoons with blue ink and pink acrylic paint. They matched the striped and polka dot ice cream tubs that we bought on sale from the Reject Shop (on sale for $1 per pack of 6) and the rest of the party decor perfectly.

Making a diagonal stripes stamp from an eraser.


To stamp your own wooden spoons

If you are keen to hand stamp your own wooden cutlery for your next birthday party or celebration, this brief tutorial will help you.

You will need

  • Wooden ice cream spoons or other cutlery
  • An eraser
  • pencil with eraser
  • carving tool or craft knife
  • ruler

Take your eraser – a new eraser is best with nice clean edges. Measure up some diagonal stripes with a ruler and pen directly on to the rubber eraser then, with a carving tool, very carefully cut out the negative parts for the stripes from the rubber eraser to form the stamp. If you do not own a carving tool you can very carefully use a craft knife (I really stress the ‘carefully’ part)

When the stamp is done you can go ahead and stamp your spoons. In this pic I used pink acrylic paint as my pink stamp pad seems to have gone walkabout.

Stamping stripes on to ice cream spoon

For the spots I used a pencil with an eraser. The eraser at the tip of the pencil is great for stamping small dots. Super easy although I do recommend that you use a new pencil with an unused eraser for the best dots.

Stamping dots onto the spoons.

Such an easy way to create homemade party cutlery to match the colours of your party theme.






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