DIY Super Hero Candy Jars

Superhero partys never go out of style. As long as there are kids in the world there will always be Batman and Superman birthday parties (along with the rest of the crew)

We wanted to create a cool party centerpiece so we collected up a bunch of glass vases from dollar stores and thrift shops to make this set of Candy jars. They had to look like Buildings from a comic strip so we threw in some masking tape and spray paint and *BOOM*  Super Hero themed party props.

super hero lolly jar decoration

Now these Super hero candy jar buildings were no walk in the park to make, but were really worth the effort. There is a bit of drying time in between the coats of spray paint so you should allow for that.

Super Hero Candy Jar Supplies Tutorial by -

To Make, you will need:

  • Glass vases in different sizes but of a rectangular shape. You can buy from cheap dollar shops and 2nd hand stores
  • Spray paint that adheres to glass. I used Rust-Oleum® Ultra cover but the Universal® range is better for glass
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Rubbing alcohol

Tutorial to make a set of super hero candy jars like buildings for a birthday party-

Step 1. Clean a glass vase with rubbing alcohol – I used Isocol Rubbing Alcohol here in Australia.
Step2.  Use masking tape to mask off all the windows for your glass building. Don’t forget to cover the top and the bottom of the vase as well. I wanted some black and yellow windows on some of the vases so I once I masked off the windows, I covered a few with tape to paint yellow later.
Step 3. Spray paint with a light coat of black spray paint. I’m no spray paint expert but I used slow sweeping strokes. Wait 20 minutes and apply 1 or 2 more coats.
Step 4. Leave it to dry completely. I left it to dry overnight
Step 5. Peel off the tape for the yellow windows.
Step 6. Use newspaper and masking tape to carefully cover all of the newly painted black window. Ensure that you tape every single edge down otherwise the yellow spray paint will sneak underneath any edges not taped down.  Give the building jar 2 or 3 coats of yellow spray paint. Leave it to dry according to paint instructions. I left mine out to dry for 24hrs again.
Step 7. Peel of the newspaper and tape.
Step 8. Repeat with different sized vases.

Set your buildings up on your Candy Buffet table, dinner tables or desert table with whatever you want. Candy, lollies, drinking straws, flowers, dinner cutlery or party favours.

DIY super hero candy jars

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