DIY Party Straws

Cute straws embellished with a washi tape flag for a pink birthday party.

I recently made these sweet drinking straw flag toppers that I wanted to share with you. I love, love, love washi tape for its super cuteness as well as its versatility so it was only natural that I use my pretty pink polka dot tape to decorate my party ware. These would have been perfect for a baby shower or a princess themed birthday party.

They are really easy to make. The trickiest part in the whole process I found was finding a Washi Tape pattern that I liked. I scoured the shops at the mall and only managed to find a few rolls at TYPO. Unfortunately for me I wasn’t too keen on the designs. Instead I grabbed a couple of rolls online from my new favourite Australian store Washi Lane which specialises in Washi tape.

How to make your Party Straws

So let’s get busy. First of all you will need to get your supplies together. You will need:

  • A roll of washi tape –  We got ours from Washi lane
  • pair of scissors
  • a ruler
  • drinking straws – We purchased our pink and white paper straws from The Reject Shop

The steps are pretty basic. Simply take your tape and cut a length approximately 10cm long (4″-ish) Lay your straw down at the center of the tape about 1.5cm down from the top of the straw.

Cut the tape and attach it to the drinking straw.

Carefully fold the right side of tape on to the left side and stick the two sides of the tape together to form a flag. Ensure that the edges match up as closely as possible without any overlap.

Party straw with a washi tape flag, ready to be trimmed.

You can trim off the excess tape and leave your flags as they are, or you can take it that extra step for a fancier looking flag. With a pair of scissors, cut out a v shape from the end of the flag. You can take out your ruler if you wish to make sure it is even but I just eyeballed it and cut.

Making flag toppers for drinking straws.

You can turn out a dozen party straws or so in about a half an hour or so they are that quick and easy to make. The bonus is I have used hardly any washi tape at all. I still have more than enough to use on another crafty project or party decorations. oh the things I can make.

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