DIY New Years Eve Banner

A last minute tutorial to make a silver fringe banner for a 2014 new years eve party. It’s inexpensive to make and you can whip one up in about an hour. It’s perfect for reusing your xmas bling as well.

DIY banner for NYE party


  • Tin foil (or left over silver or gold wrapping paper)
  • card board
  • glue stick
  • Scissors
  • String (I use a string of silver beads from out xmas dinner table center piece)
  • tape (masking or regular cellotape)

Step One

New Years Eve Banner 2014Draw the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 4 onto a large piece of cardboard. We had an old box laying around in the garage. Our numbers measures about 15x22cm in size. I cheated and printed the numbers first onto A4 paper, placed the paper with the number on top of  the cardboard then traced over the outline hard enough to mark the cardboard underneath.

Step Two

Cut the tin foil into strips about 3cm wide. Fringe cut down own one side of the strip (cut small slits about .75cm wide) You’ll need to cut a fair few of these strips to cover up all your numbers.

Take your gluestick and adhere the first fringe strip to the bottom of your cut out number, shiny side up. Let each strip over hang at the sides, we’ll tidy it up later. Glue subsequent strips layered over the top of the previous strip and work your way towards the top of the number.


Step Three

Flip the number over and tidy it up by trimming around the edges with a pair of scissors.


 Step Four

Tape each letter to a length of string or twine with masking tape. Instead of string I have used a silver ball garland that I swiped from Christmas centerpiece decoration. It matched our blinged up numbers perfectly.

Gluing numbers to banner string

Now string up your banner, pour yourself a glass of champagne and let the celebrations begin!

DIY 2014 NYE Garland.

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