Construction invitations

Caution, you are entering a construction zone aka a boys construction or little builders birthday party. Entry permitted by invitation only.

Our latest invitations follow along the theme of a construction party. Dump trucks, diggers, buckets, hard hats and all things to do with dirt!  The invitation design can be personalised with your birthday party information and can include a photo of the birthday boy (or girl)

The wording for these invitations can be changed as well as the colours although do recommend you stick with either the black and yellow colour scheme or the orange and black as they best represent the construction theme in Australia.

So dump everything a customise your Construction Party Invitations.

Construction party photo invitation design

Construction party invitations – personalise and print your own


Construction invite than you card

Free construction party Thank You card design.

Construction Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are a couple of alternative fun wording options that you can use for your invitations.

1. Danger! Construction Zone
Ethan is turning 5
Please report to the Party Zone

2. Caution! Bob’s birthday party is under construction
Dig up some fun with us on Date
Shift begins: Time
Job Site: Location
Report to the Leading Hand if you can join the crew.

More Party Inspiration

If you are planning your construction party then be sure to take a look at our construction party board for decorations, party ideas and party supplies that you can find in Australia.



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