Australia Day Inspiration – Green and Gold

So Australia Day is only a week or so away and if you’re hosting this years get together with your family, then you had best be getting it together as time is a wasting… if that makes any sense.

You can find a wealth of party supplies from Coles and Woolies. Your local $2 dollar shop will also have a selection of stuff as well. The only drawback is that most of the readily available products are colored in blue, red and white in line with the Australian Flag theme. If that is your cuppa tea then no problemo.

But what if you want something different like a Green and gold themed party? Well never fear, We’ve thrown together a green and gold inspiration board for those opting against running with the herd this year. All items are available from Australian based stores and websites.

Green and Gold Australia ideas for party food and decor


 BBQ Invitation | Lantern garland | Aus Thong Cake | Australia Day punch recipe | Drink Dispenser | Drinking straws | Lamingtons | round lanterns | Australia cookie cutter | Aus Day Jelly Cups

I dunno about you but my fave on this list has got to be the  insane DIY Thong cake from Cake to the Rescue. I initially thought it was a cake for sale but it is actually a DIY Cake Kit for sale. They send you everything you need to make and serve this cake including all the ingredients, a cake board and even a disposable cake tin. Love their work.

For more ideas check out our Australia Day Pinterest board.

What’s on your Green and Gold party wish list….

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