13 Last Minute Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas to make for dinner and treats

Halloween is growing in popularity here in Australia and you can find trick or treater’s of all ages roaming the streets or celebrating with a spooky Halloween Party. With the 31’st of October only a few days away we thought we’d see what kind of yummy treats can be found around the country.

So if you’re after some last minute Halloween food ideas for your party or to make with your kids then check out what we have found to share.


A gooey mud pie dessert filled with worms

Worms in the mud pie dessert

1. Steph has a recipe for a yummy chocolate mud pie dessert filled with tasty worms.  What kid do you know who doesn’t love a mud pie. You can get the recipe to make this Halloween dessert here

Make this gruesome meatloaf for a Halloween dinner party

Halloween Mummy Meatloaf

2. This really gross looking mummified head made me pause for a second or two. It is actually a delicious Halloween themed Mummy meatloaf. Perfect Halloween dinner dish. Find the list of ingredients you will need to prepare the meatloaf along with the recipe here

Cut a small watermelon to make a brain.

Watermelon Brains

3. Now I have seen a couple of these watermelon brain pictures. The trick is all in the watermelon size and a steady hand with a scalpel.  Have a look on the Halloween Australia website for  details on how to carve up your own watermelon brains.


healthy Halloween treat made with apples, peanut butter and marshmallows.

Ogre Mouth Apples

4. For the health nut, or semi health nut. We have an Ogre mouth full of mini marshmallow teeth from the Essential Kids site. Love this idea and although it looks very cool, I am very curious to see what this combo of apple, marshmallow and peanut butter  tastes like.

Cupcakes made into spiders.

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

5. It isn’t a Halloween party without creepy crawly spiders. Mrs Organised shares her favourite cupcake recipe transformed into spider cupcakes. Get her spider cupcake recipe from her website.

chocloate dipped kit kat fingers turned inot zombie fingers.

Kit Kat zombie fingers

6. Dipped in melted white Nestle chocolate these freaky little zombie fingers make a sweet treat to add to your Halloween themed goodie table. Get the recipe from the Bakers Corner website here.

zombie eyes made from meringues on your drink

Halloween eyeballs drink

7. Eerie eyes made from a simple meringue recipe will transform your most ordinary drink into a Halloween monster. These would work great on a yummy berry smoothie. You could probably add the eyes to your desserts as well. Options are endless. Find out more on making a pair of spooky Halloween drink eyes.

Crackers and dip for Halloween

Halloween dippers

8. Bake your own ghostly shaped dippers with cookie cutters and wonton wrappers. Couple them with some green coloured dip to create the perfect Halloween pre-dinner nibbles for your party guests. More details here

Yummy spider filled pizza for dinner.

Creepy Crawly Pizza

9. The kids will love (or in my case, hate) this pizza topped with spiders. ick! Make the different bug and spider toppings with salami, olives, capsicum and other vegetables. Find this pizza and tips for other Halloween treats here

Chocolate Crackle Spiders treats that the kids can make.

Chocolate Crackle Spiders

10. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I think every party in Aussie history has had Chocolate crackles on the menu. For a Halloween twist turn your favourite treats into themed props with this chocolate crackle spiders recipe from The Sugar Breakup.

Batty Halloween biscuit treats.

Chocolate Biscuit Bats

11. A very simple recipe to make chocolate bat biscuits with evil red eyes.  This recipe is great, 5 ingredients that you just throw in a food processor! Now that’s my kind of recipe. Get it at the Cadbury Kitchen

Quick halloween treat apple

Mummy Apples

12.  I had to include these cute little mummy apples. All wrapped up in gauze tape. I’d love to drop one into some lucky Trick or Treater’s bag when they drop by. Don’t think I’d be to popular if I did.

Delicious eyeball treats

Halloween Eyeballs

13. And for our unlucky last pick, now you all remember coconut balls right? Well these are coconut balls with a twist. Just add a little white chocolate, an iris and pupil to make creepy, freak your guests out eyeballs. Just perfect for Halloween. Make your Halloween eyeballs with this recipe

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